Amish Country Ohio: The Family Itinerary

family itinerary

Amish Country Ohio is not just for those looking to relax and go shopping. This area is brimming with food, fun, and activities for all ages.

From buffets, to chocolate, to farms with all types of animals that are ready to be fed and get to know your family, it is a child’s wonderland waiting to be explored.

The itinerary below outlines some great family-friendly areas to visit, but don’t take our word for it; try it out for yourself.


1. Der Dutchman       
What better way is there to start your day out in Amish Country than at a huge spread of homemade breakfast foods? “Der Dutchman” restaurant in Walnut Creek provides a delicious assortment of breakfast foods in their four-line buffet. From pancakes to home fries and fried mush to homemade cinnamon rolls, there’s something for everyone, and you can count on going up for seconds, or thirds, or fourths…The buffet opens at 7 am and starts to shut down at 10:30 am. Don’t wait too long though, because the line can get backed up quickly, and you’ve got a lot of other places to visit!



2. Walnut Creek Cheese
The next stop on the list is right down the road at a little place called Walnut Creek Cheese. Ok, it is not very little, and it is most likely the first place that visitors think about when they decide to visit Amish Country here in Ohio. Walnut Creek Foods is a large food distributor and manufacturer of products that you may have heard of or already love. One of the favorites is Uncle Mike’s line of beef jerky and beef sticks, along with their own line of jams, jellies and nut butters. The store that you will be visiting is the collection of all of these products, as well as a variety of bulk foods and candies that you can buy. Locals love to go there to buy the Mud Valley Ice-cream, which is simple and smooth. Take your time walking around, because there is a lot to see and eat while you are there.


3. The Farm At Walnut Creek
A major family favorite among both tourists and locals will be your next stop. Turn right out of Walnut Creek Cheese and take the first left to head out to “The Farm at Walnut Creek”. This huge, beautiful Amish farm has so much to see and do. Not only can you tour an Amish home and barns and walk around the beautiful grounds, but they have a unique collection of exotic animals to see up close. The wagon ride through the grounds is worth every penny, as it allows you to feed and pet a wide variety of animals. They not only have your typical farm animals, like horses and cows, but they also have zebras, giraffes, camels, a variety of deer, and so much more! Both adults and children will love this special experience in the heart of Amish country!



4. Coblentz Chocolate
What’s a trip to Amish Country with your kids without chocolate? We’ve had a lot of stops for you in Walnut Creek and we’ve got just one more you won’t want to miss. Coblentz Chocolate is just right down the road from the Carlisle Inn and is a deliciously sweet stop to make! You will find a huge assortment of chocolates and candies, carefully prepared for you by the Coblentz family. You also can walk to the back of the building and watch the chocolate and candies being made through large glass windows. Amish country is all about authenticity! And let’s be honest, you can’t successfully go on a trip without some quality chocolate.


5. Boyd And Wurthmann
By this point, the kids will probably be asking for lunch, so why not give them an authentic hometown experience at “Boyd and Wurthmann’s” restaurant in downtown Berlin? Head back out onto Rt. 39, and right amongst the shops of Berlin is this local favorite. At Boyd and Wurthmann’s you can get an authentic Amish meal of mashed potatoes and gravy or settle down with a good old basket of a burger and fries. Of course, no matter what you choose, a slice of pie is a must for dessert.

boyd-and-wurthmann (1)


6. Schrock’s Farm And Village
Schrock’s Farm And Village is a little bit of a backtrack from Boyd And Wurthmann, but it is definitely worth it. The kids will enjoy buggy rides and mini train rides around the grounds while you enjoy some of the shops that are in the village. There is also an Amish house where the whole family will be able to learn more about the Amish culture and way of life. All of the shops are open year round Monday through Saturday. The farm, buggy rides, train rides and home tour are open April-October Monday through Saturday.



7. Hershberger Farm And Bakery
The next stop is a favorite among the locals. Hershberger Farm And Bakery right outside of Berlin when you turn left onto St. Rt. 515 is another Amish farm with a completely free petting zoo. Come check out this unique place with goats that climb up on the roof to walk around and bask in the sun. Underneath the roof of the side-less barn you’ll find sheep, goats, horses, ponies, bunnies, pigs and more; all that you can pet and see for free. For just a little bit extra you can pay to feed the animals or go on a horse or pony ride. You also can go on a carriage ride, and if you’re visiting in the fall, you can pick a pumpkin from their pumpkin patch! In another barn, you can find adorable puppies to snuggle with that are for sale. (Warning: these are hard to resist!) In the same barn as the puppies is a store filled with Amish made goods. A personal favorite is the collection of wooden barn toys and animals, all locally made by the Amish. Before leaving, be sure to stop in the last building where there is a delicious assortment of homemade goods. They are famous for their fry pies, which are little personal-sized pies covered in a glaze. Everyone in the family will find something to enjoy at Hershberger’s!

Ohio-Amish-Country-Pony-Rides (1)


8. Farmstead
If all that walking and shopping around made you hungry, head back into Berlin for dinner. I’m sure sitting down to a nice home cooked meal will be just what you’re looking for. Right behind the shops in Berlin, on the same side as the water tower, is a large, white-sided restaurant called “Farmstead”. Here you can find quality Amish food and wonderful service from locals. The dinner buffet is always a hit, but there is also a wide variety of delicious options on the menu. No matter what you choose to get, you’ll be sure to leave full and satisfied.

9. Berlin Resort
If you’re ready to settle in for the night, a great place for families with children to stay is the “Berlin Resort”. This hotel has a swimming pool for the kids to enjoy and a theater for your entertainment. It’s located right off of Rt. 39, just outside of Berlin. If you come and there is still some light out and it is a nice evening, you will want to take the kids outside behind the Hotel. It is beautiful back there with gardens and a pond, as well as a “mini town” for the kids to play in while you relax and enjoy the view.


If you have been to any of these places or have any other suggestions for families, please leave a comment below for the benefit of others who want to bring their families to Amish Country.

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