Amish Country Ohio: The Shopper’s Itinerary


It is time for you and your spouse and some friends to make the trip to Amish Country! There are so many places to see and discover, as well as some experiences that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Amish Country Ohio is known for being the place to unwind after a hard and long week, but it also has some great places to shop and find some treasures to take back home.

Come and relax, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the experiences with your friends. The places below are a great way to spend your day, and each one has its own uniqueness and treasures to be found.

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1. Der Dutchman                                                                                                                                        What better way is there to start your day out in Amish Country than at a huge spread of homemade breakfast foods? “Der Dutchman” restaurant in Walnut Creek provides a delicious assortment of breakfast foods in their four line buffet. From pancakes to home fries and fried mush to homemade cinnamon rolls, there’s something for everyone, and you can count on going up for seconds, or thirds, or fourths…The buffet opens at 7 am and starts to shut down at 10:30 am. Don’t wait too long though, because the line can get backed up quickly, and you’ve got a lot of other places to visit!


2. Walnut Creek Cheese
wccbarnThe next stop on the list is right down the road at a little place called Walnut Creek Cheese. Ok, it is not very little, and it is most likely the first place that visitors think about when they decide to visit Amish Country here in Ohio. Walnut Creek Foods is a large food distributor and manufacturer of products that you may have heard of or already love. One of the favorites is Uncle Mike’s line of beef jerky and beef sticks, along with their own line of jams, jellies and nut butters. The store that you will be visiting is the collection of all of these products, as well as a variety of bulk foods and candies that you can buy. Locals love to go there to buy the Mud Valley Ice-cream, which is simple and smooth. Take your time walking around, because there is a lot to see and eat while you are there.


3. Walnut Creek Antique Mall
Number three on our list for the day is Walnut Creek Antique Mall. This authentic antique store has an incredible assortment of vintage furniture and knick-knacks. From old wooden barrels to antique mason jars to an eclectic array of chairs, you are certain to find something you’d love to add to your home décor. We prefer this antique store over the other bigger ones down the road because of its authenticity. It is owned and fully run by an Amish family and truly has a unique vintage collection. Something to note is they only accept cash or debit cards, so be prepared for that when you go in, as you are sure to find something you are going to want to purchase!
antique mall

4. Yoder’s Farm
There’s one more stop before lunch and that’s at Yoder’s Farm for an authentic Amish buggy ride and tour of an Amish home. Right past the Der Dutchman restaurant, St. Rt. 515 will veer off down a hill to the left. You don’t have to take this road far before seeing the huge farm on the right hand side. While there, you can take a tour through two houses and a barn full of animals, all while hearing the history and current beliefs of the Amish faith explained. This tour costs $7.50. (There are cheaper rates for groups of 20 or more) You also don’t want to miss out on going on a Buggy Ride for only an additional $4.50. The drivers are all members of the Amish church and will enjoy talking with you about their lifestyle. The ride takes you out around the hayfield, about ¾ of a mile and gives you the opportunity to see how the Amish people travel around. You will most certainly have an authentic Amish experience at Yoder’s.


5. Rebeccas’s Bistro
By this point, I’m sure you’re going to be hungry and there’s no better place to satisfy your lunch cravings than at Rebecca’s Bistro in Walnut Creek. (Hopefully you haven’t snacked too much on homemade goodies, because you definitely don’t want to miss this stop!) The bistro is a small building tucked away on a hill right across from the Inn at Walnut Creek and the Der Dutchman restaurant you were at for breakfast. The building itself is a restored log cabin that was built in the early to mid 1800s, and the vintage décor on the inside adds to the charming experience. It is open from 8-3 and fills up very quickly on the weekends and sometimes there can be a wait if you come mid-morning. Everything on the menu is delicious: don’t be afraid to try Rebecca’s famous turkey berry sandwich with a side salad covered in her delicious homemade house dressing. Her Tomato Basil soup is also a delectable crowd favorite. You may even get to meet Rebecca herself while you are there which is a treat, as her bubbly and hospitable personality makes you feel right at home.

6. Coblentz Chocolate
What’s lunch in Amish country without dessert? We’ve had a lot of stops for you in Walnut Creek and we’ve got just one more you won’t want to miss. Coblentz Chocolate is just right down the road from the Carlisle Inn and is a deliciously sweet stop to make! You will find a huge assortment of chocolates and candies, carefully prepared for you by the Coblentz family. You also can walk to the back of the building and watch the chocolate and candies being made through large glass windows. Amish country is all about authenticity! And let’s be honest, you can’t successfully go on a trip without some quality chocolate.


7. Homespun Treasures
Alright, it’s time to head to Berlin and get to the shopping! However, you don’t want to get all the way there on Rt. 39 without making a few key stops along the way. Right in between Walnut Creek and Berlin on the right-hand side of the road are the stores “Be Fearless” and “Homespun Treasures.” These stores are ones you won’t want to miss. Be Fearless is a clothing boutique with fashionable, high quality clothes for women of all ages. You are sure to find something you’ll love. Right next-door is Homespun Treasures, a store filled with a huge collection of beautiful décor for the home. Their focus is primarily primitive and vintage, and just like other Holmes County businesses, you can expect high quality.


8. Berlin Shopping
You’re next stop is shopping in Berlin! There are so many wonderful stores to choose from with a wide variety of goods, there is sure to be something for everyone. If you’re looking to go antiquing, “The Berlin Village Antique Mall” is definitely worth the stop, with its two stories worth of collections. If you’re looking for more house décor, “The Village Gift Barn” is an extremely popular location among both tourists and locals. “61 Surplus” is a fantastic store if you’re looking for a deal, as it is an “overstock/scratch and dent” store where all proceeds go to help the needy. If you get hungry for a snack while walking around the town, you’ll be able to find homemade, hot soft pretzels, kettle corn, ice cream and specialty coffee. Each store is unique and enjoyable to walk through, so be sure to take your time.

9. Farmstead
Once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, I’m sure sitting down to a nice home cooked meal will be just what you’re looking for. Right behind the shops in Berlin, on the same side as the water tower, is a large, white-sided restaurant called “Farmstead”. Here you can find quality Amish food and wonderful service from locals. The dinner buffet is always a hit, but there is also a wide variety of delicious options on the menu. No matter what you choose to get, you’ll be sure to leave full and satisfied.


10. Amish Country Theater
Don’t linger around at dinner for too long or you’ll miss the show! “The Amish Country Theater” show begins at 7:00 pm. The shows are great and the majority of them include a healthy dose of humor. There are usually a few different options for you to see, and you can make your decision and buy your tickets here: The theater accommodates 325 guests and is wheelchair and scooter accessible, so there is no reason for you to miss it. Relax and enjoy!

That’s it for now! If you want to look for a hotel to stay at after this or find a replacement for one of the places on our list, just go back to the Amish Country Ohio Page. You can search for any type of business there and you will find reviews and information to help you make some decisions.

Please leave a comment below letting other visitors know where you like to go when you shop in Amish Country Ohio.

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